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Productivity Tools: Bullet Journal - 03/26/24

The thing I like about bullet journaling is that it is flexible. I’ve tried several paper planners as an adult. They either provide very little structure or so much structure that they don’t work for my life where there’s no average day. With bullet journaling, I can change things when they stop working, try new things, or skip entire weeks or days, and it’s okay. read more…

Manager Toolkit: Manage The Person In Front Of You - 11/16/23

Ultimately, my management style is flexible and guided by three sayings: manage the person in front of you, manage the team in front of you, and manage adults. read more…

Manager Toolkit: Useful Manager Phrases for 1:1s - 11/09/23

I did start Every. Single. One-on-one. with “What’s on your mind?” for years. I’m sure I found it in some “OMG, you’re a tech manager now” book or blog post, but I kept it up because I like the kind of conversations it leads to. read more…

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